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WiseMind Films is working on a new original short. There was no real plan going into this, it was merely a few days of having fun with a camera and testing out some new toys. but you can never really bottle up creativity because what went from a playful shoot turned into a decent attempt to make a short film. Obviously shot in a casual format the project doesn’t have the level of perfection that I crave, so with that in mind please believe my next project will be scripted, planned, and better lit! This was a fun experience and i’m only half way done so this teaser should hold you over until I finish. The short will be in English and Spanish with subtitles. Sadly this video was not shot in HD…very dumb I know but none the less we live and learn!

Title: Un Enemigo Desconsiderado (A Thoughtless Enemy)


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  1. Why most of the portorican film are about murders, drugs and sex? There are no other topics to film about? We have a lot of talented people on acting and working behind the scenes,also we have good writers..what about them? The best one filmed in Puerto Rico was LA GRAN FIESTA..since that I haven t seen any other as good as that.


    1. well thank god this short film isn’t about drugs and sex, there is some violence but that’s not really what its about. It’s really about a corrupt politician who makes a mistake and ends up paying for it. you don’t really get that from the trailer but when the whole thing is complete you’ll see what I mean. By the way I agree that the majority of Latinos are portrayed as criminals,which is not what i’m trying to do, although we can’t escape the fact they exist as in any other race. If you continue to visit the site you will the progression in terms of themes and types of stories told….we appreciate the time you took to watch the trailer and post your comment, I’m looking into that movie La Gran Fiesta as we speak!


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