“Last But Not Least” (Official Video) by: Kwamizzle

Shot and edited by: WiseMind Films

Kwamizzle is a versatile Artist. Not only does he rap but he produces, and can hold his own on the 1’s & 2’s. Izzle is also 1/3 of the music group Hand Gunz High which make great music as well. Each member of Hand Gunz High brings something different to the table, but as a collective they go together like paint on a canvass.  This track “Last But Not Least” was produced by Alchemist and was part of a contest that Kwamizzle entered 2 years ago. Although he didn’t win the competition, we had a good time shooting the video. We recorded the video in his Studio The Fyah Station, and we kept the Video simple and straight to the point. Good lyrics over an Alchemist beat can never go wrong. If you want more music from Kwamizzle go to http://www.dundemworld.com, there you can find links to more of his music as well as more videos.


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