Isolated – Short Film Pick

ISOLATED from Peak Pictures on Vimeo.

Animated or not this short film captures your attention from start to finish. Isolated by Peak Pictures is a small slice of what could be a really epic movie, or dope animated web series. The film is set in a dark post apocalyptic city where we find our lead character waking up inside a wrecked taxi cab, and did we mention there was a dead body in he back seat with a hole in his head? No…well then maybe I should of said spoiler alert..ah well…..

Through flash backs and natural story progression we see what events led up to the start of the film. One of the highlights of this short is how it seamlessly blends fast paced Hollywood action sequences and first person view of the events. We go from watching as an audience to experiencing it first had through the eyes of our lead character.

Needless to say this Animated Short feels like your watching a live action flick and leaves you wanting more. At only 5 minutes well worth the watch!


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