The future of Cinema? |Now playing: a movie you control with your mind

Movies have become more and more immersive over the years. Not only has surround sound quality improved to make us feel as if we are there, but image quality and tech puts us right in the middle of the action. What if we can control the actual film and with our minds? That completely changes how we approach filmmaking from start to finish. It’s like a goosebumps “choose your own adventure” story on steroids.

This filmmaker at MIT has been experimenting with this style and technology over the years and now has a new film where the audience can actually control the film based on how they are feeling and the brain activity detected. You out on a device on your head to detect the brain activity(think Marvels Professor X) and the film will changed based on its reading.

On the surface this is exciting and different. Who wouldn’t want to control the actions of characters on the screen? Think about going to see a horror flick and actually screaming into the screen “don’t go in there” and the character actually listens to you and goes through a different door.

So much potential yet it also leaves us with that much more questions. Read on to see how this actually unfolded and how they expect to use this on a wider scale.

Now playing: a movie you control with your mind
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