Lena Waithe | Mentoring, accountability and Diversity

The multi-talented Lena Waithe discuss various topics while at Cannes Lions. She was apart of a panel discussion titled “Diversity in Filmmaking:From Empowerment to Execution”.

As filmmakers and storytellers we need to tell more stories that are brutally honest. It can’t just come from a place of “I want to see myself” but rather dig deeper and more profound as “I want to see my trauma and my wounds”. We have to be vulnerable and open in order to really reach the audience on a grander scale, emotionally.

Lena also noted that she wants to see more movies like Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” which was a smash box office hit despite the hesitation within the industry as to whether the film would be a success. Films like “Get Out” not only dominate pop culture but open the stage to dialog that some may find uncomfortable. We need more films to break these barriers and open more doors for us.

Diversity in filmmaking is definitely taking a shift, in my eyes as a result of the internet and the direct to consumer platforms like social media, YouTube etc… Lena noted how “Vintage Spike Lee used to really hold us accountable. He really held a mirror up to us”. It is our duty to do so, especially now more than ever were the global state of affairs is not leaning toward diversity but rather exclusion.

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Lena Waithe On Mentoring, Accountability & The Next Frontier – Cannes Lions – Deadline
— Read on www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2018/06/lena-waithe-att-mentor-program-diversity-cannes-lions-1202414955/amp/


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