5 Tips for Filmmaking Entrepreneurs

If your a filmmaker then you may be an entrepreneur. You may not think so or even feel like one but your are a business and film is your product. Regardless of what your end goal is within the industry these tips will get you focused on entrepreneurship for a change rather than the art itself. Approaching things from a business standpoint can help you secure funding for your next project or even develop existing ideas further than what you initially expected.

The 5 tips are:

  • Go for a crowdfunded campaign
  • Budget should be inversely proportional to your vision
  • Ensure your vision connects well
  • Start small
  • Introduce the instinctual touch

Click the link below if you want to know more:

Filmmaking also qualifies as an entrepreneurial venture considering the fact that your stories can be told creatively and could also potentially get the wider majority to think about issues you have presented through films.
— Read on www.entrepreneur.com/article/314808


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