Jay-Z files paperwork to launch Marcy Venture Partners | How the hustler survives

Jay-Z’s quest for dominance doesn’t go unnoticed. No matter how quiet he tried to be about his power moves.

Dominating the HipHop industry for years, Jigga’s penchant for making money was evident through his roles in Roc-a-wear, films, and overall brand appeal. Once just an artist Jay manifested himself to be a mogul.

Taking over various industries with the same tactics and mentality he used to survive in the streets as a hustler. He slid into the music streaming’s turf slinging a high quality product, Tidal, showing that the artist still had a fight in the struggle to combat music piracy. He formed Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports, showing the world he was more than just a rapper who can get money but can also develop and guide others into stardom.

Now Hov is setting up to dabble in the world of venture capitalists where he joins a world. Or many people understand. The VC world revolves around Money, and tons of it. A language Jay speaks very well. With his ear to the streets and solid team of thinkers around him, Marcy Venture Partners are ready to hit the block!

For more details on March Venture Partners clock the link below

— Read on www.businessinsider.com/jay-z-marcy-venture-partners-paperwork-filed-2018-6


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