6 Filmmaking Tips From Antoine Fuqua | via Film School Rejects

Antoine Fuqua shares some very insightful tips on filmmaking that truly make sense. The dope thing about this article is they dive into his work and use his story as the examples for each of the tips he gives! These are solid tips that go beyond the standard cliche of “work hard” and “be consistent” as those should be a given!!

A great read full of delicious filmmaking nuggets that serve a purpose if your a Novice or a professional!

6 filmmaking Tips

  1. Learn your craft
  2. Just tell a good story
  3. Tell it right!
  4. People will follow your lead
  5. Use real locations
  6. It’s about the work
  • Bonus tip: Fight for your film!

  • Each of these tips gets explored more in-depth so to learn more click the link and head over to Film School Rejects for more!!
  • 6 Filmmaking Tips From Antoine Fuqua
    — Read on filmschoolrejects.com/filmmaking-tips-from-antoine-fuqua/


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