iPhone Filmmaking | First Time Filmmakers

One thing that can bog down a filmmaker is not having gear, or in our minds we tell ourselves we don’t have the “right gear”. Filmmakers everywhere are starting to shatter that notion and more and more content is being geared towards “Fuck Gear and just Create”!
Ok nobody has said that exactly but I just did!

Gear does mater (to an extent) as much as we want to say and think it doesn’t…but not having a certain piece of gear should never stop you from creating…Something!

Smart phones are getting more and more sophisticated and the camera sensors are getting better. For this reason alone you should never have an excuse not to create!

Hell I shot this on my IPhone the other day while grilling in the back yard just to get my “fix” of creating something! Shot & edited on the iphone8

Now there tons of better examples of what can be done with an iPhone like the flick “Tangerine” and “Unsane” which prove it can be done and people will WANT to see it.

Our imaginations are our only limitations. What we think we can create!

I found this dope article from The conversation which reinforces the notion that an awesome film can be made with an iPhone. As creators we need to always think outside the box and push the boundaries of our own imagination. Innovation requires action regardless, so making things is an essential part of a creatives life.

Takeaways from this read include:

  1. The best camera you have is in your pocket
  2. Ask for forgiveness not permission
  3. Small is beautiful
  • Stop reading and #justcreate
  • make sure to #subscribe to our YouTube for more content!
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