Film industries dirty little secret?

You have to deal with insurance!

Yes filmmaking is and should always be about the art and he creative process. But insurance comes into play when trying to make the film come into fruition. This is the part of filmmaking that is not often discussed but should be apart of every creatives curriculum.

The lates podcast of Indie Film Hustle is a great introduction to how insurance plays a a role in a the filmmaking process. Often overlooked and over priced, the cost of not having it can be much greater to you career and livelihood.

Chris Rock said it best in his comedy special, when it comes to having insurance, that it’s really for “In case shit happens”. In filmmaking a lot of shit happens and a lot can go wrong quick. Between equipment, cast and crew, and the general public you could be facing multiple scenarios where things can go drastically wrong.

Dive into this episode of IFH where the break down the different types of insurance and why you should always consider budgeting for them!

Listen here

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