GZA’s Liquid Science | Netflix pick of the Week

Liquid Swords is a HipHop classic. Anyone true to the culture, especial those that came from the golden era (90’s) will agree. Lyrically this album should still be studied for its witty wordplay, sequencing, and themes. Gza has always lived up to his alias, The Genuis, dropping metaphysical metaphors and scientific similes. Aside from painting pictures with words this album was pieced together and sequenced in a cinematic fashion. The interludes and skits were taken right from the very martial arts movies that the Wu was influenced by, making this entire body of work flow like film on reels.


Fast forward to now and we have Gza still in his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. After years of touring the globe with the Wu Tang Clan, selling out arenas and visiting foreign lands his thirst for learning still needs quenching. In the Netflix original series “Liquid Science” Gza travels the globe once again but this time speaking with developers and researchers as they try to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of science.

The ideas explored on the series range from global warming, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, space travel and more. Not one to stay behind the Gza doesnt just show up and look t dope gadgets, he actually engages in meaningful dialog with the guest. After he receives a summary from the guest, he challenges them to explain how it can be applied to the real world and how humanity can benefit. He also isn’t shy to express his views or perspectives on the subjects even if it isn’t aligned with his guests. That is what makes the show interesting and worth watching.


Watch the entire season now on NetFlix



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