Seize Your Time Challenge

If anything connects the world, its time. We either have too much time on our hands or we don’t have enough. That is the basis of Benjamin Brandon’s latest Vertical Film. The goal of the film is not just to highlight the fancy watch that is the “star” of this film. I use quotes over the word Star because in my eyes, TIME is the main character. What Benjamin is hoping to achieve with this video, is for us as creatives to seize more time to do what we love. While you would expect a creator to encourage us to create, he is also encouraging us to step away if we must and seize more time with our loved ones and spouses. Finding that elusive beast they call balance is extremely difficult for creators when the competition is turning over videos daily, and if you step away for one day the social media algorithms penalizes us with less engagement on our content. BUT we still have to make time to do what we LOVE, even if its sitting on the couch with your Wife or husband and hold hands while NetfliXin it up!

This vertical video is really a call to action with Benjamin’s #Seizeyourtimechallenge meaning, take back control of your life and make time for all the things that matter to YOU!


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