Tips for pulling off a great One Take Scene for your films

The one take or the “oner” are those wonderful cinematic masterpieces that play out an entire scene with no cuts or breaks during the shooting of it. When done right, it no longer is a movie as it becomes a cinematic ballet! The choreograph between the film crew and all the actors involve weaving in and out of each other is a prime example of team work making the dream work.

There is alot you have to consider when it comes to the one take. You have to have a plan in place. You need to know what the motivation is for creating this scene. You have to motivate your actors movements to always keep the screen busy and moving even if the camera is not. One thing you don’t want is random movement. Why is the camera panning left to an empty space when all the action and movement of the actors are pointing to the right?

In this episode of Film Riot they share with us a snippet of a longer Master Class of this subject. The information contained in this video is truly valuable, it really guides you into the right frame of space to create your own.


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