Shooting Music Videos on a budget

Often times we stifle our own creativity. We feel we don’t have access to any “cinematic” locations, or we feel our gear is not up to par. That’s all horseshit. it really is.

Our jobs as filmmakers is to MAKE  anything look cinematic. regardless of gear. As creators we know, or should know our own strengths and weaknesses. We know if our lighting needs to improve, or if we need to work on editing, pacing, timing etc.. we should always be looking to improve on our skills anyway but we should never let anything stop us from creating.

In this Indy Mogul video they team up with the talented YC Imaging to create a no budget music video. The moral of the story is to not let obstacles prevent you from creating. When creating always keep an open mind and think about solutions as opposed to problems. In trying to create this video they ran into some difficulties but in the end they provide us valuable tips on making a creative and successful video shoot happen.


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