A few months back while browsing through No Film School’s site, I saw a post regarding a Short Film by Ayz Waraich and Martin Wisniewski called LOOT. They released the film with the intentions of having other filmmakers remix the film and put their own spin on it. They hoped others would take their work- chop and screw it up- creating brand new works of visual art. The original film was made with a $500 budget and an experienced crew but this no budget flick was intended as a way to give back to the film community. They had fun shooting the film and in turn wanted other filmmakers to have fun remixing it. This is just WiseMind Film’s interpretation of that short film, Hope you enjoy. I have included a link to the original post from NoFilmSchool which lead me here so you can read up and actually watch the original version! Original Post Here


Trick Meter by Simeon Duncombe

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As I was scouring the web for a quick film fix! I went to one of my usual places to search for cinematic treasures (Shortoftheweek.com) and I stumbled upon this gem. At only 4 minutes long, this is another great example of why I enjoy short films so much. The story, albeit not a very complex one, still grabs your attention right from the jump. After a few seconds of watching a coin spinning we see a lonely skater who happens to ride past it but his attention was immediately drawn to the coin. Once the skater examines the coin and puts it in the meter the action commences. Continue reading

Cap City Gold!

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Viral Commercial directed & Edited by: WiseMind Films


Trailer for new short film

WiseMind Films is working on a new original short. There was no real plan going into this, it was merely a few days of having fun with a camera and testing out some new toys. but you can never really bottle up creativity because what went from a playful shoot turned into a decent attempt to make a short film. Obviously shot in a casual format the project doesn’t have the level of perfection that I crave, so with that in mind please believe my next project will be scripted, planned, and better lit! This was a fun experience and i’m only half way done so this teaser should hold you over until I finish. The short will be in English and Spanish with subtitles. Sadly this video was not shot in HD…very dumb I know but none the less we live and learn!

Title: Un Enemigo Desconsiderado (A Thoughtless Enemy)

WiseMind Films interview w/ Ca$h

New Interview with Ca$h. His new mixtape “For the Love of Money” coming soon. He sits down with WiseMind Films to give us an update, and to share some insight on the creative process of his debut solo mixtape. Music not being the only trick in the bag Ca$h also talks about developing a sketch comedy series titled “420 Tapes”. After the interview is a video performance of “Keep it G” off his For the Love of Money Mixtape.

Sonja Blade BTS Video Shoot

The song is dope and Blade definitely kept it Bk with her witty word play, showing respect to her fellow Brooklynite spitters. The song is assisted by none other than Boot Camp Cliks, Smif n Wessun! Tek and Steele effortlessly weave back and forth bar for bar giving this that Golden Era Hip-Hop vibe to the track. The video was directed by Tanya Simmons, and this behind the scenes video was Brought to you by WiseMind Films and Enve TV.

Yung Hater Interview Teaser

Yung Hater doing what he does best……Hatin! the Full interview will be on The New Era Takeover Vol.1 DVD coming soon. In the interview Yung Hater discusses how real it is in the suburbs of Latham NY. He gives you insight into the mentality of a hater in this provacative interview and shows you what it takes to maintain Hatin as a hobby. The Mixtape Adlib Season is ready for download HERE

Y.F.F.R Interview

WiseMind Films caught up with Y.F.F.R before he released his mixtape Y.F.F.R pt 2 Who Got the Juice Edition. He spoke on his creative process in the studio, 518 artist, and why he will be Your Favorite Fat Rapper after listening to his music. He was accompanied by two members of the League who offer their input on what separates them from other artist in the 518!

Shot & Edited by” WiseMind Films