Everything Custom

Guapo Noir releases the latest visuals to his track “Everything Custom”. Guapo laces the track with hard hitting lyrics and paints a picture that boast confidence and excellence. The track starts off immediately setting the tone for the entire song with it’s hypnotizing strings. Once the bass hits and the hook begins you will find yourself nodding your head to the flow while the lyrics bombard your imagination with “Everything Custom“.

The video brings the song to life with a clean smooth edit and effects to match the energy of the track. Be on the look out for Guapo’s debut EP “The Bearded Anthology” available on all streaming platforms 5/15/18


The League of Extraordinary Cyphers- “LeagueSet” Edition

The League starts the upcoming summer off right with the first of many Cypher sessions. For the first series of Cyphers The League is paying homage to all the greatest Groups of NYC. Starting off with Dipset, The League put’s their lyrical abilities on display to some classic instrumentals. be on the look out for more Cyphers from the League as they will go all over the map to pay homage to all the greatest groups in Hip-Hop History from the south to the west and everything in between!!! With WiseMind Films behind the lens we bring you the first video of the series!

“518 Hope” (Official Video) G.Bags FT. Shave Bird

The First visual off G.Bags 3rd installment of the YFFR series, we bring you 518 Hope. Directed, Shot, and Edited by WiseMind Films, we see G.Bags and Shave Bird spit over Faboulous’  “The Hope” off the Soul Tape 3 mixtape. In this track G.Bags sticks to what he know which is #HardBars and NY Love. It’s no secret that G.Bags reps NY all day and he provided us with some memorable lines such as “I’m from the era of the clue tapes, had to keep my boots laced/kill a nigga with an old gun, catch a new case” obviously paying homage to D.J Clue’s mixtape series back in the 90’s. Everybody had a dub of a clue tape, it was essential to have back in those days if you were a real Hip-Hop head. Another quotable off the track is “we from New York, why ya’ll acting like chicago niggas?” This line stood out the most because if you look around we have tons of new artist and even some established ones from NY, that if you didnt know any better you would think came from Chief Keef’s neck of the woods. Now while there is nothing wrong with embracing a different sound, and style but ultimately you must be true to your roots. G.Bags also has a knack for finding a way to include current events into his rhymes in a matter that doesn’t seem forced, he raps “These dudes a cold rats, these are known facts/ Thats why I don’t fuck with you niggas, like the clippers owner” This being a play off the whole Donald Sterling debacle that occurred recently. Not only was Donald Sterling used for inspiration, Jay-Z’s now infamous run in with sister-in law Solange was also used as fuel, “Internet thugs, online they hella gangsta/ see me in and wont do nothing, they Beyonce in the elevator”. Shave Bird comes in on the second half of the song and does not disappoint. His flow is smooth and compliments G.Bags more aggressive demeanor. Bird spits, “Chain Husky and the wrist game looking stupid/Yellow cannery diamonds, but the bezel looking blueish”, Bird captivates the listener with colorful imagery but still manages to feed the streets ears with “Man I love that money so the coke talk is fluent/like 6 grams on an ounce make a fiend stupid”. Overall The track does not disappoint unless you looking for catchy hooks, and nursery rhymes. Go and get your copy of YFFR3 now here only $5 and well worth it!

“Last But Not Least” (Official Video) by: Kwamizzle

Shot and edited by: WiseMind Films

Kwamizzle is a versatile Artist. Not only does he rap but he produces, and can hold his own on the 1’s & 2’s. Izzle is also 1/3 of the music group Hand Gunz High which make great music as well. Each member of Hand Gunz High brings something different to the table, but as a collective they go together like paint on a canvass.  This track “Last But Not Least” was produced by Alchemist and was part of a contest that Kwamizzle entered 2 years ago. Although he didn’t win the competition, we had a good time shooting the video. We recorded the video in his Studio The Fyah Station, and we kept the Video simple and straight to the point. Good lyrics over an Alchemist beat can never go wrong. If you want more music from Kwamizzle go to http://www.dundemworld.com, there you can find links to more of his music as well as more videos.

El Gran Hommy “Muchos Commentarios” Official Video

El Gran Hommy brings us the latest visuals to “Muchos Commentarios” Directed by YowaArtz. El Talento Urbano and 5 Estrella Ent. has been gaining momentum and a massive following. The musical catalog has been growing, and they have been dropping singles and mixtapes consistently. Check out the new music video, and if you want to see what else they have to offer check out http://www.eltalentourbano.com for free downloads and more videos!!!!!

Rod Rhaspy “wierdo”

When he’s not producing hits like Vado & Cam’rons “Hey Muma”, “Cookies and Applejuice”, he brings you Rod Rhaspy’s “Wierdo” video. This talented producer steps away from the boards to paint you a small picture of his thoughts. The Video was filmed, and co edited by Deshaun Jones from Enve TV. it was filmed in the streets of NYC where more than likely you will find a few wierdo’s. But its cool that your weird tho!!!!

“Who’s That Fat Dude” by G.Bags(Y.F.F.R)

This Video by G.Bags is for the song Who’s That Fat Dude. The song was produced, edited, engineered, mixed, mastered, and directed by Alvis Zues Mosely of Zueslytning Multimedia Productions. Follow Your Favorite Fat Rapper all over the 518 with cameos from other 518 artist and people of the city. I even make a small cameo, first time on the other side of the camera. Check it out and support good music!!!!!!