When your plans..Don’t go as planned!


Trailer for new short film

WiseMind Films is working on a new original short. There was no real plan going into this, it was merely a few days of having fun with a camera and testing out some new toys. but you can never really bottle up creativity because what went from a playful shoot turned into a decent attempt to make a short film. Obviously shot in a casual format the project doesn’t have the level of perfection that I crave, so with that in mind please believe my next project will be scripted, planned, and better lit! This was a fun experience and i’m only half way done so this teaser should hold you over until I finish. The short will be in English and Spanish with subtitles. Sadly this video was not shot in HD…very dumb I know but none the less we live and learn!

Title: Un Enemigo Desconsiderado (A Thoughtless Enemy)