Healthy Habits to become a better filmmaker | First Time Filmmakers

Filmmaking requires your time, energy and is driven by your creativity. Developing healthy habits early on can benefit you in more ways than one. These tips from WiseMindFilms can be implemented right away to get you motivated and creating. The first thing you can try is unplugging from the world wide web. Instead of jumping... Continue Reading →


GZA’s Liquid Science | Netflix pick of the Week

Liquid Swords is a HipHop classic. Anyone true to the culture, especial those that came from the golden era (90's) will agree. Lyrically this album should still be studied for its witty wordplay, sequencing, and themes. Gza has always lived up to his alias, The Genuis, dropping metaphysical metaphors and scientific similes. Aside from painting... Continue Reading →

How to Find the Best Camera

Finding the best camera is difficult for a first time filmmaker. So many options, so many much MONEY!! There's always a few things to remember when making that first purchase or upgrade if your already a filmmaker. Never forget that although some gear can make a difference in quality and look of finish product,... Continue Reading →

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