Music for YouTube videos

Finding the right sounds for your video can be as tricky and coming up with the title. If your not a musician and musically inclined this can be even tougher. You know what you want it to sound like but after endless amounts of searches and signing up for free trials your left with not... Continue Reading →


Nas proves the hustle never stops | another $1B power move

After releasing another classic body of work earlier this month with the Kanye West produced album Nasir, Nas is in the headlines once again for all the right reasons. Nas' Queensbridge Venture Partners invested in a company called Pillpack, in 2014, which is an online pharmacy that helps people all across the country. They streamlines... Continue Reading →

Jay-Z files paperwork to launch Marcy Venture Partners | How the hustler survives

Jay-Z's quest for dominance doesn't go unnoticed. No matter how quiet he tried to be about his power moves. Dominating the HipHop industry for years, Jigga's penchant for making money was evident through his roles in Roc-a-wear, films, and overall brand appeal. Once just an artist Jay manifested himself to be a mogul. Taking over... Continue Reading →

To Answer Hollywood’s Diversity Problem, California Program Hands Kids The Camera : via NPR

When the #oscarssowhite hashtag took over social media a few years back, most thought this would create a dialog and paradigm shift to the film industries lack of diversity on and off the screen. Unfortunately we were wrong. While it did start a dialog within the mainstream(As this is a regular topic among Black and... Continue Reading →

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