Short Film Pick! PROXiMITY by Triune Films

@RyanConnolly and his @Filmriot crew know how to turn a horrible situation into something great! They first set out to make a Zombie short called Outsiders with a $100,000 budget and was planning on taking us, the viewers, for the ride as they go through pre-production all the way down to post-production and ultimately show us the final product. As a Film Riot Junkie I was just as excited to watch these guys go through all the nooks and crannies involving the film making process, as they were to make the film. They actually got a few episodes in, showing us what they looked for when scouting for locations, how to story board the project, how to handle the script and was basically breaking down the project as they went along. The Film Riot community was loving it every step of the way. Like many others, I began watching their previous shorts, Losses as well as Tell a few hundred times, in preparation for Outsiders. Unfortunately due to things that were out of their hands, they had to postpone filming Outsiders. Left with a crew without a project and some fancy camera equipment, they did the only logical thing a true guerrilla filmmaker can do; whip up a new script and start filming! They basically took the concept of showcasing an Independent Film with a small budget from start to finish, and applied it to a NO budget short. PROXiMTY was born from a written collaboration by Ryan Connolly and Seth Worley. It really worked with the Film Riot theme of “DIY” Filmmaking! What I enjoyed about the film is the seeing how far they have all come as crew. Todd Bruno has appeared in Ryan’s previous Shorts but this character actually suited him very well. He was really able to bring the character to life and made the character speak to the audience without even talking much. Josh Connolly, who is Ryan Connolly’s brother also has been in Ryan’s previous Shorts as well as many Film Riot Sketches, has come along way from the baby face assassin we seen in Losses. Josh was able to showcase a character that was scared, confused, but not willing to go down without a fight, literally! Overall the tone of the Film was somewhat dark and the tension built up throughout keeps you just as anxious as the characters in it. Ryan was able to put us in the film and we get to watch it unfold through the eyes of the main character. The Short film has potential to be a full fledged feature film because I want to know more, about the characters. I want to know how they ended up hog tied in the back of a pick up truck with an ankle monitor on? Who are the bad guys and who do they work for? PROXiMITY has a unique mythology that can be explored from many angles, but what we were given was fantastic. Look at it as an appetizer before the main course which is Outsiders. Check out Film Riots YouTube Channel to see more behind the scenes for PROXiMITY as well as other sketches and tutorials.


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